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State Sen. Nancy Skinner, the Berkeley Democrat who wrote the laws that opened some police records to the public, said the Chronicle review indicates that the categories of disclosable records aren’t broad enough to include everything that might cause the state to strip an officer of his or her badge.

While the biggest games of the Final Four will spotlight athletic prowess on the basketball court this weekend, it’s undeniable that the rising tide of players-turned-influencers inking brand deals and social media campaigns has helped pull even more eyes to the game.

State Sen. Nancy Skinner, who leads the Women’s Caucus, said she was relieved to know that a large and diverse group of women will follow her generation of outgoing senators, which includes former Senate President Pro Tem Toni Atkins and state Sen. Susan Eggman.

The city of Oakland has made finding police personnel records a lot easier with an easy-to-decipher, organized website.

Hello and welcome to the Prospect Blueprint, I’m Kelly Kleinman and my esteemed co-host is none other than 24 year MLB veteran Mr. Rick Dempsey!

Sen. Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley, is the author of SB 1144, one bill in the Senate’s legislative package, which is aimed at tightening regulations to help stop the sale of stolen goods online.

Thankfully, California has quality, the kind of women that don’t just fight to win, but fight for change.

Senate Bill 1212, by Senate Housing Committee Chair Nancy Skinner, a Berkeley Democrat, would go a step further. It would ban institutional investors from “purchasing, acquiring, or leasing” a single-family home or duplex for any reason.