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California lawmaker addresses sexual abuse, retaliation in prisons

A California lawmaker is pushing to address sexual abuse in prisons after dozens of women have suffered at the hands of correctional officers in both state prison and the federal facility, FCI Dublin – and then also suffered retaliation for reporting it. 

Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley,) who is also chair of the California Legislative Women’s Caucus, introduced SB 898, which would extend the time allowed for all survivors of prison or jail staff sexual abuse to file civil complaints until after they have been released from custody and reduce the sentence for victims of proven sexual abuse by staff by up to one year, among other provisions.

The Assembly Public Safety Committee approved SB 898 this week. 

"No person, no matter what they did to be sentenced to prison or jail, should be forced to endure the brutal crime of rape or sexual assault — and then be punished for reporting it," Sen. Nancy Skinner said Wednesday in a statement. "SB 898 will provide whistleblower protections for survivors who have the courage to come forward, and will allow for a reduction in prison time for incarcerated individuals who were proven to have suffered from such assaults."


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