Staff Contacts


To make a scheduling request for Senator Skinner for a meeting or event, please email



Kate Chatfield, chief of staff and legislative director


Robert Gammon, press secretary/policy adviser


Ariana Khateeb, scheduler


Rebecca Sheff, policy analyst


Jessica Uzarski, policy analyst


George Harris, legislative aide


Margaret Hanlon-Gradie, principal consultant, Legislative Women's Caucus


Karen Bocaling Lapis, consultant, Legislative Women's Caucus


Navreen Randhawa, executive assistant


Cheri King, special assistant



Adrianna Jackson, district director


Robert Gammon, press secretary/policy adviser


Romario Conrado, district representative


Rickie Man, district representative


Gabriel Sandoval, district representative 


Kisha Jackson, office assistant



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Committee and Issue Area Assignments

Aging/Seniors: George Harris

Agriculture: George Harris

Appropriations: Kate Chatfield

Arts, Sports and Entertainment: Robert Gammon

Banking and Financial Institutions: George Harris

Bay Area Caucus: Robert Gammon

Budget and Fiscal Review: Kate Chatfield

Business, Professions and Economic Development: George Harris

Childcare: Karen Bocaling Lapis

Committee on the Revision of the Penal Code: Rebecca Sheff

Consumer Protection: Jessica Uzarski

Disability Rights: George Harris

Education K-12/Higher Ed: Robert Gammon

Elections and Constitutional Amendments: George Harris

Energy, Utilities and Communications: Jessica Uzarski

Environmental Quality: Jessica Uzarski

Governmental Organization: Rebecca Sheff

Health: Jessica Uzarski

Housing and Homelessness: Kate Chatfield

Human Services: George Harris

Immigration: Rebecca Sheff

Income Inequality/Anti Poverty: Rebecca Sheff

Insurance: Jessica Uzarski

Jobs, Economic Development: George Harris

Judiciary: Jessica Uzarski

Labor, Public Employment and Retirement: Kate Chatfield

Legislative Women's Caucus: Margaret Hanlon-Gradie and Karen Bocaling Lapis

LGBTQ: Jessica Uzarski

Local Government: Rebecca Sheff

Natural Resources and Water: Jessica Uzarski

Public Safety: George Harris

Racial Justice: George Harris

Revenue and Taxation: Rebecca Sheff

Rules: Kate Chatfield

Select Committee on Ports and Goods Movements: Jessica Uzarski

Technology/Privacy: Rebecca Sheff

Telecommunications: Rebecca Sheff

Transportation: Jessica Uzarski

Veterans Affairs: George Harris

Women/Gender Issues: Margaret Hanlon-Gradie and Karen Bocaling Lapis