Staff Contacts


Jessica Bartholow, chief of staff
Katerina Robinson, Capitol and legislative director
Tabitha Romero, scheduler/executive assistant
Diego Lopez, policy analyst
Cassidy Denny, assistant consultant
Kapri Walker, legislative aide
Kimberly Sanchez, office assistant
Stephanie Jimenez, Senate fellow
Karen Bocaling Lapis, Legislative Women's Caucus consultant



Audrey Momoh, district director
Robert Gammon, communications director/policy adviser
Sherry McCoy, constituents services director
Jonathan Chiu, district representative
Adrianna Jackson, district representative
Gabriel Sandoval, executive assistant
Kisha Jackson, office assistant
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Committee Assignments

Aging/Seniors: Stephanie Jimenez

Agriculture: Stephanie Jimenez

Appropriations: Katerina Robinson

Arts, Sports and Entertainment: Robert Gammon

Banking and Financial Institutions: Kapri Walker

Bay Area Caucus: Audrey Momoh

Budget and Fiscal Review and Joint Legislative Budget: Jessica Bartholow

Business, Professions and Economic Development: Kapri Walker

Childcare: Karen Bocaling Lapis

Committee on the Revision of the Penal Code: Kapri Walker

Consumer Protection: Diego Lopez

Education K-12/Higher Ed: Robert Gammon

Elections and Constitutional Amendments: Robert Gammon

Energy, Utilities and Communications: Katerina Robinson

Environmental Quality: Kapri Walker

Governance and Finance: Cassidy Denny

Governmental Organization: Cassidy Denny

Health: Cassidy Denny

Housing and Homelessness: Cassidy Denny

Human Services: Diego Lopez

Immigration: Diego Lopez

Income Inequality/Anti Poverty: Jessica Bartholow

Insurance: Kapri Walker

Jobs, Economic Development: Cassidy Denny

Joint Committtee on Climate Change: Kapri Walker

Judiciary: Diego Lopez

Labor, Public Employment and Retirement: Jessica Bartholow

Legislative Women's Caucus: Karen Bocaling Lapis

LGBTQ: Kapri Walker

Natural Resources and Water: Katerina Robinson

Pandemic Response Working Group: Jessica Bartholow

Public Employment and Retirement: Jessica Bartholow

Public Safety: Diego Lopez

Racial Justice: Kapri Walker

Rules: Jessica Bartholow

Select Committee on Ports and Goods Movements: Jessica Bartholow

Technology/Privacy: Cassidy Denny

Telecommunications: Katerina Robinson

Transportation: Stephanie Jimenez

Veterans Affairs: Stephanie Jimenez

Wildfire Working Group: Katerina Robinson

Women/Gender Issues: Karen Bocaling Lapis