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Selling lots of stuff online? You could be required to share your personal info in California

High-volume sellers on third-party websites, such as CraigsList, Facebook Marketplace and NextDoor, soon could be required to provide information to those sites to verify their identity, including potentially sensitive information such as bank account details, Social Security numbers or driver’s licenses.

SB 1144, by Sen. Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley, is part of a broader legislative effort to tackle retail theft in the state. Skinner’s bill specifically aims to crack down on organized retail theft operations, which use sites like Craigslist to peddle stolen merchandise.

The bill only applies to sellers who have more than 200 transactions on the site.

Skinner in 2022 successfully passed SB 301 to establish regulations for online marketplaces to verify the legality of sellers.

“However, we also have marketplaces where the actual money doesn’t change hands on the sites,” Skinner said as she presented her bill to the Assembly Judiciary Committee on Tuesday morning. 


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