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California’s Senator Skinner Reports Bills Addressing Retail Theft and Drug Addiction Approved by Senate, Move to Assembly

California State Senator Nancy Skinner’s office Wednesday announced legislation to reduce retail theft and prevent fentanyl addiction were approved by the California State Senate.

As a part of the state Senate’s Safer California Plan, SB 1144, Shutting Down the Market for Stolen Goods, and SB 950, Healthy Recovery, Successful Reentry received bipartisan approval, reports Skinner’s office.

The statement said SB 1144 ensures the sale of stolen items and retail theft are not enabled by the enhancement of California’s regulations on online marketplaces. Among individuals returning home after incarceration, SB 950 intends to decrease the rate of fentanyl addiction.

Sen. Skinner (D-East Bay) states in the report, “Online marketplaces are a valuable tool to buy and sell legitimate goods and services, but increasingly they’re also the method organized retail theft operators rely on to unload stolen goods.”


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