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Column: How does California celebrate women’s history month? With two male senators

Thankfully, California has quality, the kind of women that don’t just fight to win, but fight for change. ...

You’ll find veterans like Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley), who in her spare time from reforming the justice system and protecting kids on social media joined with colleagues to change what it meant to be a woman in the Legislature, because, as she puts it, “We have some catching up to do.”

About a decade ago, the few women under the dome — there were less than two dozen at the time — decided they wanted to accelerate that catching up and set out to get more females elected, not just ones from their own party or background.

So the women’s caucus, of which Skinner was one member of a formidable group, began not just recruiting other women to run — but vetting candidates to make sure they could win. That didn’t mean gate-keeping for a certain type, just making sure they were “viable,” Skinner told me.


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