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California Wants To Make Bidirectional Charging Mandatory For New Electric Vehicles

The California legislature has proposed a new law that, if passed, will require all new EVs sold in the state to be equipped with bidirectional charging beginning in 2027.

SB 233, per ChargedEVs, has already passed the state's Senate Energy Committee and has been sent to the Senate Transportation Committee for additional discussion. For those who don't know, bi-directional charging is a technology that allows an electric vehicle to send its energy to other electric devices.

The Golden State sees this technology as a massive benefit because EVs' battery packs could be used to help assist the already troubled power grid, as well as be used to charge homes in the event of blackouts. "EVs are energy storage on wheels. Why waste that battery, given how few miles most people use the vehicle in any given day?" said the bill's sponsor, State Senator Nancy Skinner. "But we need to make it as easy as possible."


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