In California, It’s Easy to Vote

Dear Constituent,

Election Day for our statewide General Election is Tuesday, November 8. But you don’t have to wait till Tuesday to vote, or worry about whether you can get to your polling place because California now has the Voter Choice Act.

With the Voter’s Choice Act, every registered voter is mailed a ballot to the address you listed when you registered. If you are registered to vote, you should have already received your ballot for the November Election.

If you received your ballot, you can fill it out now:

  • Just fill it out, using blue or black ink, follow the folding instructions, and put your completed ballot in the return envelope
  • Be sure to sign your name on the back and seal the envelope
  • Then put it in the mailbox. No stamps are necessary
  • Or you can drop your completed ballot off at one of the many ballot drop off boxes. To find a drop box location in  Alameda County, go here, and for Contra Costa County, click here
  • You can also drop off your ballot at any polling place on Election Day, or at one of the early voting sites.

If you didn’t get your ballot, or you forgot to register, no problem. You can register in person through Election Day, Nov. 8, at any early voting center, or at an Election Day polling place. If you want to check your registration status, go online here.

To find a county voting center near you on or before Election Day, go here for Alameda County vote centers (for a map, go here). Early in-person voting in Alameda County began on Oct. 29.

For early voting centers in Contra Costa County, go here. Early in-person voting in Contra Costa County begins on Nov. 4. For a list of Election Day polling places in Contra Costa County, go here.

Our county election offices rely on volunteers to staff polling places. If you would like to volunteer as a poll worker in Alameda County, go here. For Contra Costa County, go here.

Finally, the cities of Albany, Berkeley, Oakland, and San Leandro use Ranked-Choice Voting (RCV) to elect most local officials. You can learn more about RCV,  here.

I hope you find this information useful. It’s an honor serving you in the state Senate. Happy voting!



Nancy Skinner
State Senator, District 

P.S. If you think you should have received your ballot in the mail, and you haven’t, you can track its status here. You can also contact your county elections office if your ballot was not delivered. Alameda County residents can go here, and Contra Costa County residents can click here.