Press Release

Statement on Passage of SB 630 – Retaining Jail Funding for Local Needs

Sacramento, State Capitol - On Monday, Senate Bill 630, authored by State Senator Nancy Skinner (Berkeley) passed the Senate floor.

Senate Bill 630 ensures that counties that have existing jail capacity that is currently under lease for non-county, non-state purposes would be excluded from receiving new state funds for jail construction or expansion.

"SB 630 ensures that state funds are not diverted for non-state purposes," said State Senator Nancy Skinner.

SB 630 would require counties that apply for state jail construction funding to certify in writing that the county is not, and will not be, leasing jail capacity to any other public or private entity, except for leases with the state or with another county, for a period of 10 years beyond the completion date of facility’s construction.

“California doesn’t need to pay for federal ICE beds. Why would we direct resources for federal purposes when we have unfunded state and local needs? It just makes sense to put California’s and our counties’ needs first," said Senator Skinner.

Upon the passage of SB 630, Contra Costa County Supervisor John Gioia stated, "Senator Skinner's bill prioritizes local jail capacity for local needs, not the federal government's needs. Using our limited jail capacity to cooperate with ICE erodes community trust in law enforcement and local government.  Senate Bill 630 helps counties maintain community trust."

Richmond Mayor Tom Butt said, “This is an important step to making sure that our tax dollars are working for our community’s crime prevention priorities.”