Senate District 9


SD 9 is based on an almost perfect nesting of AD 15 and AD 18 and unites cities in Contra Costa and Alameda counties along the 880 corridor, a major urban thoroughfare for commuter traffic and for commercial freight through the Port of Oakland and Oakland International Airport. Anchor communities include Richmond, Berkeley, Oakland, and San Leandro. By nesting, this district reunites Oakland, connects regional park interests, and respects the Bay Bridge boundary and that of the East Bay Hills.


2010 CENSUS POPULATIONTotal Population940,601100.00%Hispanic225,19223.94%NH White299,28531.82%NH Black179,43519.08%NH American Indian and Alaska Native2,6440.28%NH Asian189,33320.13%NH Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander4,2590.45%NH Some Other Race3,5820.38%NH 2+ Races36,8713.92%NH DOJ Black186,35119.81%NH DOJ American Indian and Alaska Native5,1770.55%NH DOJ Asian203,32421.62%NH DOJ Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander4,9560.53%NH DOJ Some Other Race4,2420.45%NH DOJ Other Multiple-Race12,0741.28%


2010 CENSUS VOTING AGE POPULATIONTotal Voting Age Population743,99879.10%Hispanic153,37620.62%NH White261,80135.19%NH Black141,02918.96%NH American Indian and Alaska Native2,1790.29%NH Asian157,84121.22%NH Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander3,1730.43%NH Some Other Race2,5140.34%NH 2+ Races22,0852.97%NH DOJ Black144,57319.43%NH DOJ American Indian and Alaska Native4,2930.58%NH DOJ Asian165,30922.22%NH DOJ Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander3,6800.49%NH DOJ Some Other Race3,0250.41%NH DOJ Other Multiple-Race7,9411.07%


2010 CENSUS OCCUPANCY STATUS (HOUSING)Housing Units392,877100.00%Occupied361,50992.02%Vacant31,3687.98%


COUNTIES IN DISTRICTAlameda693,85245.94%Contra Costa246,74923.52%


PLACES IN DISTRICTALAMEDA: Alameda(C)73,812100.00%ALAMEDA: Albany(C)18,539100.00%ALAMEDA: Berkeley(C)112,580100.00%ALAMEDA: Castro Valley(U)00.00%ALAMEDA: Emeryville(C)10,080100.00%ALAMEDA: Oakland(C)390,724100.00%ALAMEDA: Piedmont(C)10,667100.00%ALAMEDA: San Leandro(C)77,37691.08%ALAMEDA: Remainder of Alameda(R)740.84%CONTRA COSTA: Bayview(U)1,754100.00%CONTRA COSTA: East Richmond Heights(U)3,280100.00%CONTRA COSTA: El Cerrito(C)23,549100.00%CONTRA COSTA: El Sobrante(U)12,669100.00%CONTRA COSTA: Hercules(C)24,060100.00%CONTRA COSTA: Kensington(U)5,077100.00%CONTRA COSTA: Montalvin Manor(U)2,876100.00%CONTRA COSTA: North Richmond(U)3,717100.00%CONTRA COSTA: Pinole(C)18,390100.00%CONTRA COSTA: Richmond(C)103,701100.00%CONTRA COSTA: Rodeo(U)8,679100.00%CONTRA COSTA: Rollingwood(U)2,969100.00%CONTRA COSTA: San Pablo(C)29,139100.00%CONTRA COSTA: Tara Hills(U)5,126100.00%CONTRA COSTA: Remainder of Contra Costa(R)1,76317.84%