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Oakland-area survey shows overwhelming opposition to proposed coal-export terminal

OAKLAND (April 28, 2016) – A recent survey completed by more than 5,000 constituents shows that Oakland residents are overwhelmingly opposed to a Utah-supported plan to build a coal-export terminal in Oakland to ship coal to China and other Asian countries.

Results from the six-question survey by Sen. Loni Hancock, D-Oakland, found that 92 percent of respondents oppose a pending Oakland coal terminal, and 96 percent of respondents do not believe public funding should be used to pay for the project. 

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Close to 86 percent agreed that the City of Oakland should pass an ordinance to prevent coal from being imported or exported on to City property.  Only about 6 percent indicated that creating jobs is more important than the environmental and health concerns associated with shipping coal through the East Bay. Read the complete Press Release HERE: Listen to Hancock talk about the issue HERE: