California lawmaker proposes bill to help kids who have lost a parent or caregiver to COVID-19

May 8, 2022

"So, I have a bill that would provide hope accounts because those kids, they are going to turn 18, and then they won't have parents that they can rely on. And so, fortunately, we have social security survivor benefits for most of those kids, not all, but many of them," California Senator Nancy Skinner told CBS News Michael George. 

 Skinner's bill would put $4,000 in accounts aimed at children from poor families, but that's just one state. 

"The tragedy of COVID is that it really impacted our low-wage workers who had to still go to work, many of whom were black and brown families, low-income families," Skinner said. "They were disproportionately, they died in disproportionate numbers. So now their kids have lost a parent to COVID." 


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