In Light of Coronavirus, CA Sen. Nancy Skinner Condemns CCPOA’s ‘Offensive’ Decision to Attend Gathering in Las Vegas

January 10, 2021

California State Sen. Nancy Skinner called the California Correctional Peace Officers Association’s decision to attend a meeting in Las Vegas at the end of the month “offensive” and “dangerous” in light of mass Covid-19 deaths in the state’s correctional facilities.

While CCPOA plans to visit Caesar’s Palace, one of Vegas’s well known, luxury hotels and casinos, the cases of those infected with the deadly COVID-19 virus are rising rapidly in their own prisons, Skinner noted.

“The decision by California’s prison guard union to refuse to comply with the current ban on nonessential travel in order to attend a junket in Las Vegas is offensive, flat out wrong, and extremely dangerous,” said Sen. Skinner.


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