Legislature Passes Senator Skinner’s SB 1008 to Put Teeth in Consumer Protections for Dental Insurance Plans

August 31, 2018

Sacramento, CA — Today the California Legislature passed Senator Nancy Skinner’s (D-Berkeley) bill to provide consumers better information about the services provided by dental insurance policies. The legislation, SB 1008, ensures that dental insurance companies are subject to similar disclosure requirements as health insurance. SB 1008 must now be signed by Governor Brown to become law.

“No one should have to read 80 pages of legalese to understand their dental plan,” Skinner said. “Under SB 1008 dental insurers would provide details on what their plans cover in a simple, easy to understand format, similar to what is already required for health insurance plans.”

SB 1008 will make it easier for consumers to understand and compare dental plans by establishing a uniform “summary of benefits and coverage” template. Consistency in how plan information is presented will enable consumers to understand plan benefits, anticipate how much treatment may cost, and comparison shop.

“Dental health is increasingly recognized as an essential element to overall health,” said Skinner. “My bill fills a gap in consumer protection by holding dental insurance policies to a similar standard of disclosure as health insurance policies.”

Senator Nancy Skinner (@NancySkinnerCA) represents the 9th Senate District. She serves as Chair of the Senate Public Safety Committee and the Budget Subcommittee on Corrections, Public Safety and the Judiciary.