My 2019 Legislation

My 2019 Legislation  

California’s 2019 legislative session is in full swing, and we Senators and Assemblymembers are reviewing many proposed new laws. Here are some highlights of the bills I’ve introduced this year:

SB 18 Keep Californians Housed:  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Would increase the funding available to provide emergency rental and legal assistance.

SB 37 Corporate Fair Share for California & Californians: Corporations received a massive windfall from the Trump tax cut meanwhile our schools are desperately underfunded. SB 37 raises the tax rate on the most profitable corporations based on how large the pay gap is between the CEO and average-employee.

SB 42 Getting Home Safe Act: Prevents county jails from releasing people from custody in the middle of the night without safe transportation.

SB 44 Ditch Dirty Diesel: Standard diesel-fueled trucks and buses produce 33% of our toxic air pollution and 23% of greenhouse gases from the state’s transportation sector. SB 44 incentivizes transition to nonpolluting vehicles.

SB 54 Single-Use Plastics: Requires single-use products to be phased out or made recyclable or compostable by 2030.               

SB 234 Keep Kids Close to Home: Family run, home-based childcare programs are an affordable and accessible childcare option. SB 234 reduces costs and red tape for home childcare providers statewide.

SB 330 Housing Crisis Act: All of our cities have zoning rules that would allow more housing than exists today. SB 330 speeds up the process for approving housing that already meets local rules. Also pauses downzoning and protects tenants from displacement.

SB 206 Fair Pay to Play Act: College athletes are the only students prevented from earning income based on their talent. SB 206 breaks that cycle and treats student athletes fairly.

SB 310 Right to be on a Jury: Once someone has served their time and is crime free, California restores voting rights but we still prevent anyone with a prior felony conviction from ever serving on a jury. SB 310 puts our jury rights on par with our voting rights.

SB 419 Willful Defiance: Eliminates the suspension of students for low-level offenses called “willful defiance.”

SB 394 Caregiver Diversion: Keeps families together by allowing courts to send custodial parents to diversion programs instead of prison for low-level crimes.

SB 516 Eliminating Jury Bias: Prevents prosecutors from presenting evidence that may bias a jury until after a defendant has been convicted.

I invite you to follow me on Twitter @NancySkinnerCA and on Facebook and to visit my Senate website at for regular updates on the status of my legislation and information on the state budget. It is a pleasure serving you in the State Senate.