Parents Can Breathe Easier After Senate Vote

May 22, 2017

On Monday, May 22, the California State Senate unanimously passed a bill that would contain child support costs for struggling parents. The Family Support Act, authored by Senator Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley), passed the Senate floor by a vote of 37-0.

“Low-income parents often face the tough choice of paying the child support they owe or meeting their basic needs,” said Senator Skinner. “SB 469 benefits children and parents by keeping payment amounts manageable so support can be paid consistently and reliably.”

Consistent child support payments can be the difference between a balanced meal, school supplies, and other essential items a successful child needs. SB 469 helps low-income parents from falling behind on their child support payments by keeping the payment amount manageable.

“By enabling child support payments to be calculated on the basis of a parents’ ability to pay, SB 469 helps parents support their families,” stated Senator Skinner.

SB 469 is sponsored by the Western Center on Law and Poverty. The bill is also supported by Courage Campaign and San Francisco Living Wage Coalition. The bill now moves to the State Assembly for consideration.