Special Senate Hearing To Look At Impact of Media Violence on Public Safety

July 09, 2013

Sacramento – The Senate Public Safety Subcommittee on Gangs, Guns and Drugs will hold a special informational hearing on the impact of media violence on public safety.  The hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, July 10th, at 10:30 a.m. in Room 113 of the State Capitol.

According to Senator Loni Hancock (D-Berkeley), Chair of the Senate Public Safety Committee and of the Subcommittee, “The goal of this hearing is to provide legislators with the latest research on media violence and to present information regarding possible policy solutions from a constitutional perspective.”

Senator Hancock said the hearing is being held in direct response to issues brought up during the debate on gun safety legislation. “In our consideration of gun safety regulations during the last few months, questions were often raised about the relationship of mental health to gun violence, as well as repeated exposure to media violence on young people and marginalized individuals,” Senator Hancock explained.

The hearing will consist of two panels covering research and policy as they relate to media violence. Panel participants include:

·         Dr. Laramie Taylor, Associate Professor Communications, UC Davis, testifying on “Media Violence and Public Health.”

·         Dr. Derek Burrill, Associate Professor, UC Riverside, testifying on “Video Game Culture.”

·         Dr. Andrew J. Giammona, M.D., Medical Director & Director of Division of Mental Health and Child Development, Children’s Hospital & Research Center, Oakland, testifying on “Media Violence Impact on Child Development.”

·         Mr. Ashutosh Bhagwat, J.D., Professor of Law, UC Davis, testifying on “Media Violence, Constitutional Law and the First Amendment.”

·         Ms. Colby Zintl, Vice President, Common Sense Media