Hospital Protection, Justice Reform, Single Payer and more pass State Senate

We in the California legislature ended our 2017 session on September 15. The bills that were successfully passed by both the Senate and Assembly are now on the Governor’s desk. Their fate, whether they are signed into law or vetoed, is now in the Governor’s hands.

Below is a brief description of the bills I authored that now need the Governor’s signature in order to become law.

If you would like to register your support, you can go to Governor Brown’s website and click the “Contact” tab on the top right corner. In the online form, you will find a drop down menu which lists all of the bills under “Choose Your Subject.” There, you can select the bill you’d like to weigh in on.

SB 166 - No Net Loss Zoning: makes sure local governments designate sites for housing at every affordability level and replace sites if a permit is issued for a non-housing use.

SB 167 - Housing Accountability Act (HAA): strengthens the existing HAA to limit a local government from denying a housing project that otherwise meet all local laws.

SB 201 - Collective Bargaining for UC Research Assistants: gives UC research assistants the same bargaining rights that professors, TAs, and most other UC employees currently enjoy.

SB 242 - PACE Consumer Protections: adds consumer safeguards to a program started in California that helps businesses and homeowners finance energy, water and seismic upgrades.

SB 312 - Juvenile Record Sealing: provides a pathway for those convicted of a crime when they were a juvenile the ability to petition the court to seal the criminal record related to their youthful offense.

SB 703 - Alameda County Childcare Funding: allows Alameda County to put sales tax on the ballot to fund child care.

SB 338 - Low-Cost Low-Carbon Peak: requires state regulators to prioritize energy efficiency, demand management, energy storage and other non-power generation strategies to meet the state’s peak electricity needs.

SB 360 - Welfare Overpayment Prevention Act: makes sure that welfare overpayment mistakes made by a government agency can’t be used to take a parent to court.

SB 469 - Child Support Sunset:  continues a program that benefits children and parents by keeping support payments manageable so they are paid consistently and reliably.

SB 498 - JUMSPSTART-Electrifying California’s Fleets: sets goals for state purchase of zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) and assists private sector fleets increase their purchase of ZEVs.

SB 687 - Protect Hospital/Emergency Room Access: requires approval from the CA Attorney General before non-profit hospitals can close emergency room services.