Hospital Protection, Justice Reform, Single Payer and more pass State Senate

SB 687 -  Protecting Hospital/Emergency Room Access

California is experiencing a rash of hospital closures at a time when the state already has the fewest emergency room services per capita. SB 687 is aimed at preventing unnecessary hospital and emergency room closures by requiring non-profit hospitals to obtain approval from the state Attorney General before closing down emergency room services.

SB 312  -  Jobs Not Jails

Every aspect of life has an obstacle if you have a criminal record. SB 312 creates the opportunity for those who committed a crime as a juvenile to petition the court to have their record sealed. For those who have turned their life around, SB 312 opens the door to jobs, housing, higher education, even military service - all things most of us need to be successful.

SB 782 -  California Grown

California is the leading agricultural producer of fruits and vegetables, what better way to achieve more nutritious school meals than to increase the amount of California grown food. SB 782 creates the California Grown Fresh School Meals Program to provide grants so schools can increase their purchase of fresh fruits and vegetables and prepare healthy, fresh school meals.

SB 201 - Labor Rights for UC Research Assistants

Research assistants (RAs) at our UC system are some of the only UC employees who are legally prevented from bargaining for wages and other workplace rights. SB 201 gives UC RAs the right to unionize, a right that RAs at our CSU system have had for over a decade and one that RAs at all private universities across the country currently enjoy.

SB 562 -  Healthy California Act (co-author)

As Washington moves to strip healthcare from many Americans, the CA Senate took action to ensure access to meaningful healthcare. SB 562 creates a single-payer system to deliver healthcare to all Californians. SB 562 will continue to be refined to improve cost effectiveness and identify appropriate funding sources; a bold and important step demonstrating healthcare is a fundamental right.