Constituent Services

As your representative in Sacramento, my staff and I are committed to serving you in every way that we can, and this doesn't just mean creating new legislation. My district office offers a variety of services, including:

Casework -- The State can often be an overwhelming bureaucracy, and navigating the red tape is very frustrating. If you are having a problem with any state agency (including DMV, Dept. of Health Services, Franchise Tax Board, Dept. of Social Services, etc.) my staff can assist you with resolving the matter. Let us know if you are having problems with any state agency by completing and submitting the Constituent Assistance Form, or by contacting the District Office with the details of your problem and any relevant information. Though my office does all that it possibly can to help you through the maze of state government, please keep in mind that neither I nor my staff can offer legal assistance or advice. We will, however, refer you to agencies that might be able to help you.

Referrals -- My office may not always be able to assist you with your issues because they pertain to federal or local issues, rather than state issues. However, my staff can refer you to the appropriate government office or community agency that can assist you with your matter. Not sure if your issue is a state or federal one? Please call my office – we will help you figure it out!

Certificate Requests -- It is a great honor to be the Senator of the 9th District, in large part, because of the incredible constituents whom I represent; so many of you are doing your part in giving back to your communities and serving as role models. If you know of someone being honored for their work, my office can provide a certificate of recognition to acknowledge such outstanding members of our district.

Bill Information -- If you are trying to find out the status of a bill in the Legislature or would like to obtain a copy of a piece of legislation, my office can provide you with this information.

Information about State Programs -- The district office is a valuable resource for learning about state programs. My office can provide brochures on various programs, agencies and issues that you may find helpful. If we do not have a brochure on your topic of interest, the district staff will help you locate the information you are looking for.

Listen to Your Comments and Concerns -- Your comments and concerns about current legislation or any issue relating to the State are extremely important to me. Please feel free to submit the Constituent Comments Form or to contact me at my district office. Because my job responsibilities as your representative don't always provide me with enough time to speak with all of you, my staff is readily available to listen to your comments. Please be assured, every call my office receives is logged and presented to me on a regular basis. Your input is very valuable and helpful as I work to represent your interests in Sacramento.

Internships -- Every summer, as well as during the school year, I offer internship opportunities for high school/college/graduate students, in my district office. This is a wonderful opportunity for those wanting to gain firsthand knowledge about what it is like to work for the State Assembly, as well as a chance to work on behalf of our local communities. Interns work on specific projects as well as help with general office management. Projects may include collecting, analyzing, and presenting data, assisting constituents, and helping to organize large public events on key policy issues.

If you would like more information on these or any other services I offer to constituents, please contact my district office. I look forward to hearing from you!